Pediatric ENT

What Can Pediatric ENT Do For My Child?

When parents think about the team of doctors they need to keep their child’s health in tip-top shape, we hope most parents are also considering the benefits of adding a pediatric ENT doctor to their child’s medical team. After all, an otolaryngologist is the only specialist who can prevent, diagnose and treat a wide variety of ear, nose and throat problems including tonsillitis, allergies and ear infections. Here at Great Hills ENT, we take great pride in offering a full range of ENT services that are catered to children of all ages.

Pediatric ENT

So, why should your child visit a pediatric ENT doctor? While a pediatrician is crucial for your child’s health, they aren’t able to provide more specialized care when it comes to very specific health issues and concerns. For example, many children deal with ear infections. If the infection is severe or if your child deals with persistent ear infections then a pediatrician will recommend seeing an ear, nose & throat doctor who can provide more comprehensive and effective treatment options for handling your child’s ear infections. Ear infections are one of the most common issues that young children face and it’s important that you have an ENT expert who knows exactly how to treat the problem to prevent complications such as hearing loss.

Here at Great Hills ENT, our team of doctors offers the training, knowledge and specific skills sets to provide thorough and gentle care for your child. Plus, your ENT doctor specifically understands not just the physical but also the psychological differences between young patients and adults and, as a result, can provide better and tailored care to your little one when they aren’t feeling their best.

We know how to handle and treat a variety of conditions including:

Nasal disorders
Allergies and asthma
Sinus problems
Airway obstructions
Swallowing disorders
Problems with balance
Ear infections
A chronic cough
Voice and speech disorders
Sleep apnea disorders
Furthermore, specialists are also able to take more time with their patients than a general doctor, which means that they will often be more thorough when it comes to the proper pediatric diagnostic testing they perform and the personalized treatment plans they create. They will spend the necessary time with you and your family so that you understand the treatment and care your child is getting each and every time they walk through the doors.

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