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By Great Hills ENT
January 30, 2014
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If you have ever uttered the above statement, you know how disabling it can be to loose your voice. The voice, sadly, is under-appreciated.  People just don’t realize how much they need it until it is gone!

This time of year, laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx) is quite common. Usually, it is caused by infections from viruses or secondary to their effects on the nose and throat. If you have been sick with a cold or laryngitis, the most important thing to do is to stay well hydrated and well rested. Avoid catching up with your BFF who you haven’t seen in 20 years on the telephone, this will only cause strain on your voice which can lead to further damage (maybe just send an email instead!). 

Voice Rest = No Talking (at least as little as possible)

When should you seek medical care? When the hoarseness lasts more than one week, is getting worse, or you have any other symptoms such as pain or difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, or a neck mass. In addition, if you use your voice professionally (singers, teachers, professors, etc.), it is even more important to make sure that you regain your function and preserve your voice, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment. The marvels of modern medicine now allow us to actually look at your vocal cords in the office.  With the use of a tiny scope, we are able to look for common problems such as vocal cord nodules, benign growths from chronic irritation, other lesions such as polyps or cysts, and even more dangerous lesions such as cancer.  








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