Not Just for Cosmetic: Botox for TMJ/TMD Pain.

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There is effective treatment for your TMJ/TMD pain: Botox


It has been estimated that about 75% of the general population has at least one sign of TMJ disorder . Roughly 33% have one symptom that causes them to seek medical help . The prevalence rate is higher among those 20-40 yrs of age and are 3x as likely to be affected among women than men . Also people with high anxiety or stressful environments, persons who undergo frequent dental work and/or spend an excessive amount of time on the computer all seem to be linked to higher risk factors for having TMJ disorder.

Generally the frontline to treatment is with dentists, orthodontists and chiropractors. In all honesty, your dentist is the best healthcare professional to identify and lead the treatment plan for your discomfort. This will likely come in the form of an appliance such as a bite guard. However, this may not be enough.

Botox Injections TMJ Treatment Austin, TX

You see, when you have this type of tension in the joint the temporalis and mandibular muscles that allow that joint to move get so tight that even witht he best intentions you may only get some minor relief. This is where Botox comes in. By injecting Botox into these muscles, this allows the muscles to release. At this point targeted physical therapy designed to help with joint mobility follows Botox treatment. After this treatment is administered you return to your dentist to manage your care. After all, in this situation we are the back up quarterback. We make it so that your dentist can help treat the root of your TMJ.

The treatment typically takes no more than 20-30 min with no unexpected down time. Typical follow-up care for Botox injections applies to this therapy to ensure that the treatment stays within the inteded muscles. After injection physical therapy will start depending on individual need. All injections are administerd by an ENT physician.


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